3 Ways to Make Money with your Videos on Uscreen

3 Examples of Video Monetization Strategies on Uscreen

What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is a platform that allows people to sell their videos online, and build their own streaming service like Netflix. Uscreen customers are from a variety of industries and backgrounds, from fitness studios and news channels to music teachers and kids entertainment, anyone who wants to make money off of their videos online, can do it with Uscreen.

Sell your Videos Online with Uscreen

Uscreen users can sell subscriptions for their streaming service, rent videos out or even live stream with a paywall.

In this video Nick Nimmin​ and PJ Taei​ share 3 examples of video monetization strategies on Uscreen across multiple industries that can help you make more money online. Yes, You can make money from your videos beyond YouTube and they share some examples of people doing it right now and crushing it online!

Be sure to watch until the end to learn a few of the ways you can make money with your videos

See what Uscreen can do for you.

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Remember these are just a few, among many, of what you could do to make money online through Youtube VloggingYou are only limited by your own imaginations and creativity.

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