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5 MILLION in a Year ‘Car Accessories
Online Store’ of 2 Stay at Home Moms

Without Products of their Own [Case Study]

How this 2 Work-from-Home Mothers are Making $500,000/Mo Online Store

There isn’t a thing that a work from home mom can’t do. Anna and Maria, two AliDropship’s employees, teamed up to launch and skyrocket an outstanding dropshipping store while staying on maternity leave and dealing with the lockdown.

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How they Got Started Quick Facts:

  • Anna had been working for AliDropship since 2017 as a digital marketing specialist who promotes Dropshipping Stores and tests various advertising strategies.
  • Earlier, she shared her insights on Facebook Ads TargetingGoogle Shopping, setting up a storefrom scratch. In summer 2019, her life took a whole new wonderful turn: she became a mother!
  • She kept working part-time, however – and in the spring of 2020, together with her colleague Maria, they managed to create a dropshipping store that now makes over $500K A MONTH! 

MARIA is A Work from Home Mom Too

Maria is Anna’s Business partner. Even though she visits the office whenever possible. And as an experienced mother, she’s a pro at multitasking.

  • Maria, who is Anna’s right hand went from a product importing/editing freelancer to a full-scale marketer.
  • Now, Maria is responsible for creating and picking ad creatives, making perfect product pages, editing and updating product assortment, and even social media management.

They Created this Online Store Project

Together they created this online dropshipping store project.

  • It has started as a regular Premium Store: a dropshipping website that is developed and managed within AliDropship until it becomes profitable,
  • And then gets available for copying.
  • So, the idea is, anyone like you can get an exact copy of such a website – and even its pre-tested marketing materials – to repeat their strategy and achieve great results, too.

How is the Store Made

How is the Store made from the Technical Point of View? This awesome store is built on WordPress and powered with AliDropship Plugin. They use the plugin’s functionality to the fullest and bombard the developers’ team with their ideas on how to make it better. Using the Plugin, they have done tons of things in a blink of an eye:

  • Import new products to keep their product range wide and relevant
  • Process orders in 2 clicks, literally
  • Edit product pictures (remove sellers’ logos, add our ‘sale’ stickers) with the built-in Image Editor
  • Analyze traffic and sales data through the Reports tab
  • Create coupons for different promo channels and remarketing campaigns
  • Deal with sellers super conveniently (sometimes, they have a separate supplier per every variation of one and the same product)

So, it’s really a time-saver which is a huge blessing for them since both Maria and Anna can work only 4-5 hours a day.

Alidropship Solutions they Use

What Alidropship Solutions they Use to Automate the Business? They use a bunch of other AliDropship solutions to automate the business process even more:

  • Facebook Business – It lets them upload their whole product catalog on Facebook and connect Facebook pixel to the website. Therefore, in Ads Manager, they can easily track the buyers’ actions, create new audiences, analyze campaigns, and do remarketing.
  • Purchase Upsell – They have increased the average purchase volume MORE THAN THREE TIMES thanks to it as we found just the right products to offer together with any purchased item.
  • Abandoned Cart – It helps them get back the store visitors who have changed their visitors’ minds at the very last moment and left the store empty-handed.
  • Social Rabbit – It’s a great helper for Maria because it generates quality content for social media, boosts posts’ engagement, and lowers down the ads’ cost.
  • Split Test – With its help, we can easily test the performance of multiple product page variants and pick the one that converts best.

In Choosing Their Niche

Why cars? How did they choose this niche? Anna wanted a challenge!  She knew nothing about cars at all.

  • She followed the ‘reverse’ niche choice strategy and started with defining her target audience.
  • They were looking for some men-oriented products because these are buyers whose shopping behavior & psychology that Anna understands well.
  • What’s surprising is that, majority of their buyers are women anyway!

On Choosing their Products

So, they picked a niche that’s unfamiliar to them. How are they choosing products, then? 

Anna’s absolute favorite strategy is to sell items that are actually useful and problem-solving.

  1. First, they are easy to promote because you can physically demonstrate solving a buyer’s problem in an advertisement.
  2. Second, they are simply great if you want to sell multiple items per order. Such items are commonly purchased as a gift for friends and family.

And even though she’s not really familiar with the niche itself, she knows the product picking algorithm very well!

Here’s What They Do to Create A Killer Product Range:

  • Find the buyers’ feedback wherever possible: AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook.
  • Read their reviews super carefully and pay close attention to the ones with real-life photos
  • Analyze competitors’ product pages and ads for the same item
  • Find out the average product price on the market to see if they can triple the original seller’s price: this is necessary to compensate for the advertising costs.

And the Strategy of Suppliers Evaluation Is Well-Tested, Too:

  • Research their page to learn the rating and actual buyers’ opinions
  • Make sure both the seller and the product has a rating of 4*+
  • Check if the buyers’ photos match the images posted by the seller
  • Use AliDropship Extension to see if there are similar products offered by other sellers
  • Make sure the seller has some affordable shipping option with tracking available.

Their Promotional Strategy

What about their promotional strategy?

On Product Page.

Well, they pay a lot of attention to improving a product page BEFORE they launch a promo campaign & start driving traffic to this page. It’s an absolute must to:

  • Optimize the page and reduce the images’ size to make it load faster
  • Fill the image gallery with high-quality photos from multiple angles
  • Make sure the product variations (if any) are clear and understandable
  • Write a catchy description
  • Set proper prices
  • Import at least 35 client reviews with photos

With so Many Things to Work on, it’s Cool they Can: 

  • Run split testsand check which exact texts / prices / variations work best for the buyers. Eventually, the store gets the highest converting product pages!
  • Then, they analyze the potential target audience through researching Amazon reviews and users’ comments under competitors’ Facebook posts. Also, they use Breakdowns in Facebook Ads Manager to check the users’ demographic data.
  • And when it finally comes to advertising, they invest most of its marketing budget into paid Facebook ads as they work best.
  • It’s the 80/20 principle: 80% of the budget is spent on the channels that are already proven to convert well, and 20% goes on testing new strategies.
  • There is, actually, a smaller segment of buyers who come from email marketing and organic traffic from social media and Google.
  • They plan to also try advertising on Google and launch Pinterest and TikTok promotions.

To measure the ads’ efficiency, they also use Ads Manager and Google Analytics to check CTR and CPA.

So, How can a Work from Mome Mom Deal with such Diverse and Critical Tasks?

As mentioned,  the AliDropship plugin is responsible for the ‘boring’ tech stuff, so it leaves them enough time for the creative part. The plugin’s autofilling feature makes orders’ processing a super quick task to complete, and its customer support efforts are not so time-consuming, too. They are keeping their buyers updated on the order status / tracking info with the automatically generated emails, so it’s not a big deal. That means, they can focus on promoting the store and optimizing the marketing strategy.

  • As a work from home mom, she doesn’t more than 4 hours every day to dedicate to their ads strategy and analytics.

How the Whole Routine Looks for Anna?

  • Anna wakes up (the first one in her family!) and check sales reports and the running campaigns from her phone
  • While her coffee is getting ready, she thinks what they can improve in the campaigns
  • It’s time to make breakfast for her husband and her son Ted! Meanwhile, She’s messaging Maria to discuss the daily plans and goals
  • Anna’s husband is off to work, and her morning routine with Ted begins – at the same time, she’s launching new promo campaigns.

And then, it’s everything at once – working, cleaning the house, spending quality time with son, Ted. “He’s always my +1 on daily meetings” – Anna said.

The most time-consuming part is analyzing the ads performance. Sometimes, it’s so tricky to decide: If they should give a campaign a chance, or if they should switch it off when its efficiency is dropping. Of course, ads themselves are an uneasy part, too: 90% of their ads are videos, and you need to pick source material and then edit and process it.

Maria spends lots and lots of time managing the social media accounts as she needs to answer all messages and comments. Her product page improvement efforts take hours, too, as she needs to analyze competitors’ actions and optimize lots of details on the pages.

Their Advice to their Readers?

The absolutely most important thing is that DROPSHIPPING IS NOT DEAD! And now, the industry prospects and the future of ecommerce look brighter than ever because everyone’s going online. Don’t be afraid to start now: it’s not too late, and the timing is great! Analyze your business performance, give it the best you can, and NEVER give up!

With a store created by such passionate, dedicated, and extremely professional work from home mom, it doesn’t seem like an impossible task! And with a readily available exact copy of this store, you’re simply bound to succeed.

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