Affiliate Marketing – FAQs

Affiliate Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answered here!

How Much it Cost to Join?

NO costs to join. Affiliate Programs are FREE to join (except for a very few). Plus, there is no minimum sales requirement and you can cancel at any time.

How Do I Join?

  • To sign up, you just have to fill out your account information in the online form they provide for any applicants, including your website address.
  • They will review your application in 1-5 business days
  • Once you get approved, you will be provided an Affiliate tools where you can grab your links and affilliate assets you can use for your promotions.

What are the Affiliate Commissions?

  • From 3% to 20 % on Physical Products
  • From 20% to 75% on Digital Products

How can I COLLECT the commission?

There are several methods to collect your commission: 

  • Payoneer – Sign up Free 
  • Paypal – Sign up Free 
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer

How Can I Apply to Join?

What is a Cookie-based Marketing Resource Link

When visitors click on any marketing resource you post, eg, some boxshot, an internet cookie will be placed on their computers. This cookie stores your affiliate information for 2 months. Whether your visitors purchase our products at the time of their initial visits, or return to our site within 2 months to make a purchase, as long as the cookie is still on their computers you will earn a commission on the sale. I Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. I This website is Built with This Powerful Builder I Renewal Energy Hosted by a 300% Green Hosting I 


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