Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Are you looking for great ways to make money online? Do you have a desire to generate income from the comfort of your own home? 

So, whether you are looking to make some extra money or tired of your 9am-5pm job and looking for something else, you may have been thinking about making money online. In today’s digital age, internet is the perfect place for making passive income. Check out these interesting ways you can use to make money online.


Create a Blog. Blogging is very popular and continues to grow in popularity. Nowadays, in under 60 minutes you can create a blog.

There are all kinds of free blogging platforms. Choose a niche you like to work in and then start blogging. You can make money off your blog by selling affiliates’ products, placing Ad sense ad, selling your own things, and selling space for

It takes time for you to build a following so you will need to be patient in the early times.

Create Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Create Digital Scrapbooking Templates – There are huge numbers of people that scrapbook and they pay dearly for templates they like so if you can make different kinds of templates that are easy to use, you’ll build a strong following and make money.


Become A Consultant. After you have established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic, you can offer consulting services to other people or businesses who could use the help of your expertise. Alternatively, you could offer consulting services related to developing and writing a successful blog.

Domain Flipping

It’s the equivalent of house real estate, but it involves domains. Build a website, work on it until its stable, and once it’s making some coin and ranking well, you flip it. People like websites that they can just step in and go. Every day websites are sold by the hundreds on websites like

Freelance Servicing

You can offer professional expertise in an online marketplace in return for compensation. Companies and business owners online are looking for free lancers to help in areas such as programming, coding, writing, consulting and design.

Logo Designing

Most websites want a logo for their site and since every day thousands of blogs and websites come to life, you can see where there is an opportunity to make money if you are good at designing logos. There are tons of free software packages available for you to design in.


Interview all of the experts in a specific niche or create your own talk show that gives value to listeners. You can earn money from advertising when your podcast grows big and is well received.

Reviewing Products

Setup your own blog or website and begin reviewing products. Website owners will you to post a review of their website on your website. It helps get the word out and you make money. You can also be an affiliate for certain products and make money that way as well.

Selling Crafts Online

Sell your handmade wares and crafts online. There are many sites that let you have your own online store to showcase your items for free. However, you probably do have to pay a fee to list an item. Once your item sells, you need to pay a percentage of commission to the website which let you open your own online store on their server. There’s no limit to how much you can charge, and what you earn is based on how your crafts sell.

Selling on eBay

Sell on eBay – Everyone can sell on eBay and you are likely already somewhat familiar with it. It’s a great place to start an online business if you have the right product to offer.

Tshirts Designing

Design T-shirts  If you love to create cool designs or you are always coming up with catchy phrases then you’ll be great at designing and selling t-shirts and other custom products. Sites like CafePress offer you an easy way to market your products and there are also crowdfunding sites that offer you a great way to sell your products and not invest any money.

If you can create a design that fits on a t-shirt, you can make money selling t-shirt designs online. To be frank, you can just type text if it resonates with a specific audience willing to wear it. The Print-On-Demand company take care of that. You just have to upload designs, optimize for keyword research or promote through social media, and cash out earning when you make a sale.

The best sites where you can make money selling t-shirts are TeeSpring and Spreadshirt:

  • Their print quality is high.
  • They have promotion methods to help you make sales.
  • They really pay and have convenient payment methods.

Sell T-shirt designs online today and make money through it.

Video Marketing

Youtube, being one of the biggest video streaming sites on the web, is a great way to promote your product or services. Create Youtube video reviews of products and services, and then rank the videos with your affiliate links in them.  In that way, you can earn money when people buy through your affiliate link.

Website Designing

If you like designing websites, why not make money doing it. You can design sites and you can even set up a hosting plan so you are actually hosting their site, creating a residual income.


When determining which method you prefer to make money online, it is wise to choose the one that you are most likely inclined in.

Which one of these money making methods appeals to you?

Remember these are just a few, among many, of what you could do to make money online. You are only limited by your own imaginations and creativity.

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