Facts you Need to Know to Maximize your Income Blogging

Blogging Statistics in 2021

If you’re running your own blog. specially if you’re sel-hosted blog on WordPress, it’s important to be updated with the latest trends so that you’re not missing out on any opportunities to increase your traffic or maximize your income online. We hope these stats will give you some insight and enables you to make healthy decisions for your blogging future.

Here are a Quick List of Blogging Statistics /Facts

General Blogging Statistics

  • 71% of WordPress sites are written in English.
  • Websites which have blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.

On Blog Readers

  • About 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages monthly.
  • 77 million new blog comments are generated by readers each month.
  • 36% of readers prefer list-based headlines.
  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs.
  • Internet users in the US spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.

On Bloggers & Blogging

  • 2 out of every 3 online marketers have a blog.
  • More than 86% of business-to-business (B2B) companies blogging.
  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.
  • Businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses who don’t.
  • 54% of Bloggers have editors or at least have their work outsource to freelance writers.
  • 46% of Bloggers edit their own work
  • 66% of bloggers today are publishing a few times per month, rather than a few times per week back in 2014.

On Blog Contents

  • Bloggers who write articles of 2,000+ words are far more likely to have strong results.
  • The “How-to” Tutorial headline is the 3rd most popular headline preference at around 17%.
  • Add video to your blog & you increase organic (free) search engine traffic by 157%.
  • At least 60% of all blogging content is considered low quality, or irrelevant altogether. This means that all you have to do is consistently produce high-quality content and you leapfrog ahead of most of your competition.

All these studies reveal that millions of people blog regularly, and all that accumulated time and effort and would not be spent unless these blogs were paying off for their owners. 


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