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Affiliate Marketing

I have a lot of people who are skeptical on my blog that are asking me questions like how did I actually make my millions? Am I just blowing smoke? Am I just a teacher and that’s, really the way that I made mine and uh and living this sort of lifestyle? I’m gonna go over that in this video, so the real way how I really made millions, how I actually made all the money that I earned. None of it was given to me and by the way, just let you guys know. I Grew up in a nice family, but nothing was ever given to me except a crazy work ethic.

Most people are lazy in the world nowadays and I hate lazy people. I see them all the time. I see you in the comments asking questions you can Google. Don’t ask questions that you can just go to google, that’s called laziness.

How I actually made my money was through something called Affiliate Marketing and I’m gonna go a level deeper than affiliate marketing, because I know almost everyone here is an affiliate and for many of you are members of my training course or have Been affiliate marketers and you watch my channel or you do some level of digital marketing and you combine elements of commission only marketing your business.

Basically, everybody does but people wonder how did you make millions? You know because a lot of people here are making thousands or hundreds of dollars a month. Many of you are making nothing because you’re not ready, but to make hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands fairly easy through Affiliate Marketing.

So how did I make my millions? How did I actually do it? Did I break some some rules, or did I? What did I do. Here’s the secret. Here’s what I did that changed everything yeah the secret is yes, I broke the rules now before you start getting on some high horse and judgmental – and hopefully you guys know me that I’m, a good person or maybe not.

Maybe you’ve, just seen my douchey ads and you’re like this guy’s a douchebag, but I ‘m interested in what he has to say: anyways. But i didn’t break any laws. That’s the distinction breaking rules is different than breaking the law.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a very famous quote, and I’m hoping my editors splice It in here. Break the rules! We have so many rules in life about everything I say: break the rules, not the law but break the rules. He says: break the rules. Don’t break the law. There are lots of rules in society. There’s our parents are telling us what to do. Society is telling us what to do. Go to high school, you know, go to AP classes, then go to college.

Try to go to the best college. Do two years of in college one-on-one courses that don’t matter. then pick a major go to work for the man get fired because you hate your job and you hate your life or move your way up and still hate your job and hate your life. You know these are the rules society tells us and there are lots of them. Google says don’t advertise this or advertise this or don’t do this. You know your school says show up on time every day, all this stuff, if you don’t show up to class, guess what, you’re not breaking a law.

Okay, you’re not breaking a law. You’re, breaking a rule. You don’t like college, you’re not, and you don’t want to go. It’s not a law you’re breaking. You’re breaking a rule and rules are rules are built to imprison our mind.

Rules are built by society. They’re not real. And if you want to be liberated, you’ve got to question everything if you don’t show up to school If you don’t obey some of the rules of your traffic network.

You’re not going to jail, especially if you’re located overseas. A lot of people, overseas people. If you don’t live in America, you have way more advantages than people living in America. You have way more advantages.

People always think that they don’t have as many advantages If they don’t live in America. You have a lot of advantages. You’re, just not looking for them. Just break the rules. Don’t break the law.

I broke a lot of rules. I broke a lot of rules because I question everything if you’ve noticed. Well, maybe you haven’t noticed, because you don’t see me interact with other people that much. But I am constantly asking questions, whenever I meet people. If you ever meet me, which I’d – love to meet you in person.

Sometimes I live in Venice, Beach, California, and I go around the world. I know I ‘m, not going to travel to your city. Everybody always says: can you trust me? No, I’m, not traveling your city, but if you come meet me, I’ll, say hi.

I’m always asking questions, because I question everything and if you start taking that attitude towards things. You start questioning the rules that society gives you, your traffic networks give you, even I give you as long as you start questioning.

You start thinking for yourself. The problem is we have our parents, the media and education, and they’re all feeding things into our brain. Not all of it is right. Much of it is wrong if you grew up with parents that are poor, there’s feeding the wrong rules into your brain.

If you go to public school, you’re also getting fed the wrong things most likely into your brain. The government is giving you for thoughts, is telling you what rules you have to construct your life by going to high school and going to college.

You go to high school for four years, then go to college for four years. Pick your major after two years. That’s a rule. That’s a societal thought. There’s no reason that college is four years. There’s no reason that high school is four years. There’s no reason that you have to start a job at 22 years old after you graduate or 21.

Whenever you graduate college, you can start working whenever you want. It’s society that’s been telling us these things and society isn’t necessarily right. And the third thing that’s, feeding, possibly not possibly. This is feeding wrong thoughts in your brain is the media. I’m talking, especially the mass media, but hopefully I’m, a little more trustworthy than what you get on CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. They’re feeding, you crap. They’re, telling you to be scared of the world. They’re telling you, work a job. Be complacent, be lazy, watch life, watch TV, sit back on your couch and don’t do anything and just buy, buy, buy, buy, die. 

Question everything. Challenge the rules. Think for yourself and that’s how I made my millions. I broke some rules. Because I broke the rules, I thought for myself, I ended up making a lot. What rules I broke doesn’t matter. What matters is that I thought for myself and I did things my own way.

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