How to Apply & Get Approved as An Affiliate

Things To Do To Get Your Affiliate Application Approved

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There are Steps you Need to Take before Applying for any Affiliate Programs.   

1] Get a Website or Blog.

Your Website is your Home and your Profit Center. Most Affiliate Programs require you to have a Website or Blog during application. Luckily, its now easy to have one. See: How to Your Own Create a Website / Blog/ Online Store in 5-10 Minutes.

Make sure that your Website has a QUALITY DESIGN

When an affiliate manager visits your site/blog, the first thing that s/he looks at is your site design. You have to impress him/her with your site design. In this case, first impression is the last impression. Here are few things you can do to make your site looks awesome. 

  • Use a Premium WordPress theme.
  • Declutter your sidebar. Don’t use too many Ads or widgets on the sidebar.
  • Keep the links to important pages like Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, About, Contact, etc on the footer. Luckily, most WordPress Themes are prepopulated with pre-designed with these pages.

2] Create or Post QUALITY CONTENT to your Website

There are several ways to post quality content on your website:  

3] Sign Up for Paypal and Payoneer (for your Earnings)

Most Companies will send your commission/earnings via Paypal and or Payoneer. They are free to Signup. So create and account with these Payment Processors. You should have a local Bank Account linked to it to withdraw your money.

4] Apply for Relevant Affiliate Programs

The topic of your blog has to be related to the affiliate program/service. There is no point in registering for a Clothing Affiliate Program when you are running a Food Blog. Most of your clients will not be interested in the offer no matter how well you promote it. And affiliate manager won’t approve you.

You can do following things to find relevant affiliate programs of your blog.

5. Wait Patiently for the Approval.

Affiliate managers usually have to go through dozens, if not hundreds of applications every day, so it does take some time. And there is nothing worse than receiving several follow up emails within the first day.

If you are disapproved, dont get discouraged.

  • You can ask the company whats the reason for the disapproval of your application
  • If there’s a need for an Improvement of your website, then fix it, and apply again.  
  • There are thousands upon thousands of Affiliate Programs out there, so don’t give up when you experience disapproval. 
  • You can get a lot of approval in due time. Just keep improving your website/blog.


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