STEP 3: Choose & Install A THEME 


A WordPress Theme is the look, feel, style and highly-customizable overall Pre-made Design Template of your entire Website/ Blog/ Online Store. In essence, it is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your users’ experience.

Choosing a WordPress Theme is a pretty straightforward process, but one which should be handled with care. Using a crappy theme can negatively affect your site and its design, performance and user-friendliness. When it comes to selecting a theme there are a few options you can choose from to improve the overall look of your website. 

OPTION 1: (Free Theme W/in WordPress Repository)

ABOUT FREE THEMES: Most FREE Themes have ONLY basic & limited features and functionalities; NO Supports & Updates (with some few exceptions of course). With this saying, If you have no problem choosing free themes, then go ahead and follow the instructions below. Otherwise. Go directly to choosing Premium Themes.

WHERE TO FIND FREE THEMES: WordPress has a huge free WordPress theme Directory. You can Search and Install from the Official Theme repository within your website Admin Dashboard. This the most easiest way by far, to install and activate the WordPress Free Themes. 

LOGGING IN TO YOUR WEBSITE: Login to your Website Admin can be done in 2 ways:


Wordpress - Admin Dashboard Login

1] From within your WordPress Theme Directory

Note that this method is only limited to the FREE selections in the WordPress Theme Directory. If that is not an issue to you, follow these steps. Click Feature Filter to help you sort out choices. Once you have checked all the boxes of your criteria, press Apply Filter.

  1. Select “APPEARANCE
  2. Select “THEMES
  3. Click “ADD THEMES
  4. SEARCH”  You can either search your desired theme from there, or you can put the name of the theme in the search box as shown below. For your “desired Theme” (e.g. Astra) Its the most downloaded Free theme within WordPress repository.

5. Install WordPress Theme

Once you have chosen your desired theme as per your requirements, you just need to click the “Install” button as shown below:

6. Activate WordPress Theme

  • It will take 3 to 5 minutes more or less to install a theme on your WordPress dashboard, then all you will see is the message “Installed” at the top of the theme box and the “Activate” button instead of install button, as shown below.

After you’ve done it all, you will see “New theme activated” notification. From there, you can click Visit site to see its appearance live.

OPTION 2: (Free Theme from 3rd Party Providers)

STEP 1. Download & Save Theme to your PC (Takes 1-2 Minutes)

When you choose a Free Theme from a 3rd Party Provider, you simply need to:

  • Download & Save the Theme to your PC (Don’t forget where you save it). You will need to locate it when you upload it to your WordPress Website/Blog/Online Store.

STEP 2. Upload FREE Themes to Install (Zip File) Takes 1-2 Minutes

If you have chosen a Free theme from a Theme Provider that operates outside of the WordPress themes directory, you need to upload it before installing. Follow these simple instructions to upload and install a theme.

Login to your WordPress Website Dashboard:

  1. > Appearance
  2. > Themes
  3. Add New.

Wordpress Admin Dashboard


4. > The Add New theme screen has a new option, ‘Upload Theme’.

Upload WordPress Theme


5. > The theme upload form is now open, click Choose File, select the Theme’s Zip File on your computer and

6. > Click ‘Install Now’.


The theme is now ready to be activated from your admin. Select the Appearance tab and open the Themes directory, locate the theme and click the Activate link.


OPTION 3: (Premium or Paid)

About PREMIUM (PAID) THEMES: Premium. 

  • PREMIUM Themes are Feature-Rich.
  • Usually come with Free Updates. 
  • They may have Perfect functionalities that you need as oppose to free themes.
  • Most Premium Themes come with Predesigned Basic Pages. They may or may not include the following: Home Page, About Us, Pricing  Page, Contact Us, Blog Page, etc.
  • Themes are absolutely worth it.  It saves you time, energy and money in the long run.
  • They are very affordable anyway.

Where to FIND PREMIUM Themes:

It’s time to explore Premium Themes in creative marketplaces. Go ahead and find your desired theme. Below are the most popular places where you can find great themes you can use for any Website, Blog or Online Store (or All-in-One):

Once you have found and  purchased the Theme you desire to use, then come back here and follow below instructions (as applicable).

STEP 1. DOWNLOAD Premium Theme & Save to Your PC

Please refer to your respective vendor’s instruction on how to download the Theme your have purchased from. It should be straightforward though. 

DOWNLOADING PREMIUM THEME FROM THEMEFOREST: How to Download your Theme from Envato (Themeforest) or Creative MarketIf you’ve purchased your theme at Themeforest, you’ll need to download the theme file before you try and install it.

Downloading Installable File Only (in Zip file).

  • Login  to your account, go to your downloads and locate your
  • Go to the Envato Elements home page,
  • Hover over the main menu, then Select “Downloads“. All your items are available for you to download via your download page.
  • Select the ITEM you want to download
  • Click ‘DOWNLOAD’ theme. Click on the download button and select the “Installable WordPress file only”.
  • Your download will now begin…
  • This will download the zip file for your theme, ready to be uploaded or installed within your WordPress Dashboard

You should be able to upload this zip file directly within your WordPress Dashboard.


Only DO This when you need to.


Note: You cannot upload the whole folder containing “All Files  Documentation). This needs to be extracted first. You should only download this when you need a backup of all the files of the product. When you want to go ahead with this option, follow the instructions below:

  • Click the Download “All Files and Documentation“.
  • You will NEED to extract the files provided in the zip file to locate the installable WordPress file.
  • Check your downloads folder,

You should see something similar to the example below.


STEP 2. INSTALL Premium Themes (By Uploading To your Website)

If you choose a premium theme, then it has to be downloaded from the theme vendor’s site and uploaded to your WordPress. If you already have a theme in zip file saved to your computer then you can install it by manually uploading to your website. Don’t worry, it is so easy.

How To Install WordPress Theme By UPLOADING a ‘.zip’ File

First, you’ll need the zip file containing your theme. Once you’ve located the ZIP file, here’s how to install it.

  • Login to your website Admin Dashboard:

Wordpress - Admin Dashboard Login

Once you’ve logged into the administration area of your WordPress site, you’ll need to navigate to the theme menu by doing the following:

  • 1. Select the “APPEARANCE” on the left pane
  • 2. Click on “THEMES
  • 3. Click “ADD NEW

  • 4. Click “UPLOAD THEMES” at the top
  • 5. Select “CHOOSE FILE” the Zip file you downloaded from your vendor’s website and saved to your PC.

  • Navigate to your >> Downloaded File, and >> Select it, then click >>”OPEN
  • Once the upload has completed, you will be presented with an ‘Install Now’ option. Proceed to “Install Now“.
  • Once the installation has completed, you will be presented with a successful message.

  • You can also activate the theme by selecting ‘Activate’.

And that’s it. You have now installed your WordPress theme. You can now explore the theme’s settings and begin to create your very own website.

Congratulations! Your have now created your Own
Great Looking Website or Blog or Online Store .
Now, its ready for Editing and Customizing When you Want To!

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