How to Make Money on Youtube with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money on Youtube with Affiliate Marketing in 2022

If you’ve ever made video content before, you may want to consider becoming affiliate and monetize your Youtube Videos with Affiliate Marketing

Now more than ever, YouTube Vloggers & Content Creators are making tons of money passively from their videos, with the most successful ones doing it as a full-time career while working from the comfort of their own home.

 What is Youtube Vlogging as An Affiliate

Youtube Vlogging as an Affiliate involves Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products) on your videos. It is very profitable since becoming an affiliate of a company-merchant is free to join and you don’t need to invest a product of your own. Your job is only to promote products or services online. The merchant will take care of everything.

How you Can Make Money as An Affiliate

Affiliate makes money by way of Commissions and other reward programs. Commission ranges in the Affiliate industry can vary from 3%-75%.

YouTube Vlogging along with Affiliate marketing has been around for years, making affiliate marketing as one of the most lucrative YouTube revenue streams for popular videos. There is serious money to be made here.

But as with anything these days, it requires dedication, some luck and a lot of hard work.

How to Monetize Your Video with Affiliate Marketing

You may be wondering, how does monetizing your videos with affiliate marketing differ from monetizing your Youtube Channel with Youtube Partner Program or Adsense.

If you are monetizing your Youtube Channel via Youtube Partner Program, you are governed by Youtube’s eligibility standards. And, there are sets of criteria that you need to follow in order for your Youtube Channel to be monetized.

With Affiliate Marketing injected on your Youtube Channel, the potential income would be ‘sky is the limit’ when it comes to monetization of your videos. You are not at the mercy of how many views of your videos you have or how many subscribers you have. With Affiliate Marketing, you can start monetizing your channel regardless of the number of views and subscribers you may have.

Types of  Affiliate Videos You can Create

The video may be any of the following:

  • A Review of a product or services
  • An Unboxing Video
  • A let’s Play Video
  • A Tutorial Video

Pretty much any kind of video which can influence your viewers to buy the product that you promote. And it is very easy to get started.

Once you have your video made, you can sign up to an affiliate program (this can usually be instantaneous) and then start placing Youtube affiliate unique referral links on your video (either in the description or in the video as annotations).

Well, you still need to drive traffic to your videos in order to get people clicking on your links. Without anyone watching your content, no one is going to click your affiliate link. This is the hardest part of affiliate marketing, but once you get a bit of traction on your videos, it can snowball into a regular income.


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