Setting Up STORE Features 

Woocommerce is a free WordPress Plugin that adds ecommerce functionality to your website so you can have an Online Store. With just a few clicks, your website or blog can turn into a fully functional Online Store / Website whether its single vendor or multivendor marketplace. Its widely popular for its simplicity to install and customize products.


In this tutorial, we’ll show you (step-by-step) how to set up an online store using WooCommerce and WordPress where you can sell both physical and digital products/services.

1. Install the Plugin

In the following steps, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up the plugin and configuring its settings.

Log into your WordPress admin area in 2 ways:

Wordpress - Admin Dashboard Login

1. Install the Plugin

Install WooCommerce Plugin on your website. Woocommerce can be installed from the official WordPress plugins directory. Next, follow these steps to install WooCommerce. Navigate from your WordPress dashboard >>

  • #1. Select “Plugins” from the left side menu.
  • #2. Press “Add New
  • #3. Type “WooCommerce” in the search bar.
  • #4. Find WooCommerce from the search results and click on Install Now.

  • #5. Once the installation is complete, click the “Activate” button.

Wordpress Dashboard - Woocommerce Activate Button

2. Setting Up WooCommerce

You will then see a WooCommerce welcome message asking to run the Setup Wizard. Press the purple Yes please button to begin.

Don’t worry, anything you set here (or throughout the rest of the setup wizard) can be changed later on in your WooCommerce settings if necessary. For now, the next step in our WooCommerce tutorial is to select Let’s Go.

3: Choose your Payment Processors

 On the next page, you can choose what payments you’ll enable for your online store. By default, you can use Stripe and/or PayPal, along with offline payments such as checks and cash:

4: Configure Shipping Options (for Physical Products)

Next, you’ll find the Shipping screen. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS STEP IF you are selling Services, Web-based Products, eBooks, Files and other Digital or Downloadable Products. 

NOTE: This is only for PHYSICAL Products. Here, you can decide how much customers will be charged for shipping. You can set one rate for your preferred zone, and another for customers who are in other locations. If you like, you can also offer free shipping to one or both groups.

Optional Step (Add-ons)

Most likely, you don’t need this at the moment. You can come back later if there’s a need for you to install one of them in the future.

Our recommendation is for you to just skip it for now and UNCHECK the Boxes below.


Optional Step ( Jetpack Plugins)

Just skip this step at the moment. Sometimes Jetpack plugins can break your site. Go to step 7 right away. In our experience, we have several websites crashed upon installing Jetpack. You won’t necessarily need them. If you think you will, and you believe you can handle issues when you encounter later on, then you may check the boxes at your own risks.

5. Complete the Setup Process

You can import products to your store, return to your WordPress dashboard, or edit the settings you just configured.

Most likely, however, what you’ll want to do now is start adding products.

There are tons of Woocommerce Video tutorials online on how to start adding your products.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your have done setting up your Store. Now you have a fully functioning Website with a Blog and Online Store . . .

Steps to Create a Website or Blog I  Step 1   I    Step 2    I   Step 3  Customizing I  Adding ContentBLOG Setup I  STORE Setup  I

Why Integrate Online Store

  • Cost: Free (assuming you have already a WordPress website Setup)
  • There’s never been a better time to open an online business than today.
  • WordPress makes it easy, with an array of Tools and Themes to help website owners set up a complete eCommerce store for selling Physical Products, Digital Products and Services of all kinds..

Beginner Friendly

  • It does not matter if you are just a beginner or whether you’re an experienced web developer or a complete newcomer to the world of online selling, you can turn your WordPress website into an online storefront in just a few steps, with options to suit every budget. I Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved. I This website is Built with This Powerful Builder I Powered by Wordpress I 


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