WordPress is is the most popular Website Publishing, Blogging & Store Creation Platform. It has the best Content Management System (CMS) that makes creating any of your own Website, Blog and or Online Store super easy nowadays. It’s the simplest way to maintain a website while also having a plethora of amazing features and options.

#1. Login to your Hosting Account

When you already have a GreenGeeks Hosting Account, you’ll have access to a Dashboard cPanel (Control Panel) where you can install WordPress in just One Click. This is a versatile administrative dashboard that gives you control over many aspects of your website.


#2. Go to Quick Launch Wizard

The Quick Launch Wizard helps you get started building your website with ease. You can have a site up and running in mere moments. This is a new tool to help you quickly get started with your GreenGeeks account.

  • When signing up for New hosting services, your account will be automatically activated and you will be logged into the GreenGeeks dashboard and taken to the Quick Launch Wizard automatically.

GreenGeeks Hosting Quick Launch Wizard 2021 New Tool

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The Quick Launch Wizard offers 4 OPTIONS for getting started with an EcoSite account. Just click the “Start New Website” (unless you need one of the other options).

How to Install WordPress Quick & Easy with Quick Launch Wizard

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#4. New WordPress Installation

Selecting one of the first two options will set up a new WordPress installation on your account.

In Step 2, you have the ability to select a theme, add optional plugins, and adjust the Site Information (such as title and description) as well as your SSL configuration.

GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard_New Installation

By Default, The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin will always be included with all WP installations and does not need to be selected under Plugins.

#5. Installation Completed. Your Website is Ready!

Once you have clicked “Create my Website” and the installation process is complete, you will be shown the finalization page with WordPress login details and an automatic login link for the site’s wp-admin.

Warning: If you have existing Contents

If you try to set up WordPress on a domain where an existing installation is detected, an error message will be shown:

To proceed with setting up a new installation and remove the existing content, click the “I understand” check-box and click the “Continue” button to proceed with the re-installation.

Congratulations! You have now Installed WordPress and can now Log-in to your Website . . .

LOGGING IN TO Your Website

To Login to your WordPress Website/ Blog/ Online Store: 

  • Type your URL/ADDRESS just like below: or
  • Add “/wp-admin” at the end of your site or blog name as illustrated above.
  • Enter your User Name and Password (you used during registration)

Wordpress - Admin Dashboard Login

Your WordPress Website Dashboard

Once you have successfuly logged in to your wordpress website or blog, you will see your dashboard as shown below:

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