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What is CoverActionPro?

Cover Action Pro 3.0 is a Photoshop actions set that allows you to create High Definition (HD) product shots for the products and services you sell online. … It creates covers for almost any products in seconds, with over 500 photoshop effects to choose from. Cover Action Pro 3.0 is a Photoshop App that lets you create high-quality shots for your online business, either they are products or any kind of services.

As well as being able to create high quality ecovers for ebooks, software, DVDs, magazines, study courses, and hardcover and paperback books, the package also includes mock-up designs for devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, tablets, notebooks, and media players. It comes with detailed training and a selection of ready-made templates in a variety of sizes which you can customize and use immediately. The special launch discount and Cover Action Pro 3.0 bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start designing stunning ecovers.

What is It Used For?

What Cover Action does is to provide a cover for your product in a couple of seconds. If you want to have more effects, there are more than 500 Photoshop effects for you to choose. 500 New Mockups. The largest (and only) collection of mockups specifically designed for the sales and marketing of your products. CoverActionPro 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up with new 3D technology to make sure your book covers and products are displayed sharper and more dynamic then ever before.



eCover Maker and
Mockups Creator Software


One Time Fee. This Price is On Promo

Cover Action Pro is an eCover Creator Software. It uses Photoshop 7 and makes a variety of covers. This is not cheap but it is a very professional tool that will help you to be more efficient.

What are the FEATURES of CoverActionPro?

Some initial versions of this app have been used a long time ago for many digital product launches as well as book promotions. Cover Action Pro is considered as an effective solution for those who are looking for ways to promote their products or services.

Books with Different Spine Sizes. Every book mockup comes in a variety of different spine widths. This way you can make sure your artwork fits right, and the thickness of your 3D mockup will show a proper representation of the actual pages in your book.

Cover Action Pro 3.0 is exactly what you need to have in this case. It provides promotion cover for your products very fast and impressively.

Visit official site of CoverActionPro to get more info, watch video and buy the product.

PSD Action Scripts for eBook Cover, PSD Covers


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