Movavi: Best Video Maker Suite and Editing Software 2020

Movavi Video Suite

An All-in-One Video Suite 2020

Video Maker, Editing Software,
Screen Recorder and More!


Free Trial. See Pricing for Details

What is Movavi Video Suite 2020?

Movavi Video Editor is an innovative video editing software and designing tool. It helps you turn all your videos into memorable events with all the tools embedded. Movavi Video Editor provides an easy user interface to get a smooth start off; even novice users can quickly start with Movavi video editing software and start producing videos.

Movavi Video Editor gives you editing tools that help you visualize your creative ideas. It offers you a varying number of filters, animated texts, smooth transitions, and many more special effects to enrich your videos. Movavi Video Editor also provides you with design intros with ready-to-launch templates to give them a movie-like effect.

What is It For?

Movavi Video Suite is an all-inclusive video making software that can be used to edit, convert, and record live videos from any computer screen. The software offers a wide variety of video editing tools, enabling its users to apply filters, effects, titles and transitions of their choice. Users can transfer their created videos to any device, and can share those videos on multiple social media platforms as well. Movavi Video Suite supports multiple media formats and offers a variety of special effects like chroma key, slow motion and reverse. Further, users also get to cut or merge multiple media files by using the robust editing tools offered by Movavi Video Suite. 

Movavi Suite

An All-in-One Video Suite
Video Maker, Editing Software,
Screen Recorder and More!


Try Free. See Pricing for Details

Movavi Video Suite 2020 is An all-in-one video maker: an editor, converter, screen recorder, and more. Perfect for remote work and distance learning. Free download! 

What are the FEATURES of Movavi 2020?

The latest version of Movavi video maker for Windows delivers an enhanced experience on every level. Movavi never stop improving our software, as you can see from this list of newly added and coming soon features.

Online Courses, Extra Applications, Stock Content, Mobile Suite Mobile companion, Exclusive Cloud Space, Enhanced CD/DVD/BLU RAY Burner, Reworked VHS/ TV Signal Capture.

Movavi 2020 More Added Features

The latest version of Movavi Video Suite(V20.3.0) was launched in April 2020. The makers of the software have added certain new features within it.

  • Users get to download effect packages as per their needs and requirements from the Movavi effects store within the stock content section.
  • The all new overlay presets offered by Movavi Video Suite can be used for applying triple split-screen and logos to showcase three clips on the screen in a simultaneous manner.
  • The latest version of Movavi Video Suite features a colour picker allowing its users to grab a particular colour for their titles as per their choice.
    The new logo tool of Movavi Video Suite allows its users to apply a logo on their video with just a single click.
  • Users can zoom in or move within their clip by using the scroll wheel.
    The makers have shifted certain effects like split screen and picture in picture within the tools tab.

How Do I Use Movavi Suite 2020? 


Movavi - Photo & Video Editing Software 2020

Movavi Video Suite 2020 is all you need for multimedia processing: edit, capture, and convert video and audio in all media formats, record footage from PC screens, overlay new audio tracks, apply filters and special effects. Record and add voiceovers to screencasts, capture video chats and online video. Create stunning slideshows. Capture TV, webcam, VHS, and AVCHD camcorder output. Burn Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. Play back video and audio.

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