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  • Get the best click-through rate on your website with YouTube in-video overlay ads. 
  • Automatically Insert Banner Ads inside embedded YouTube videos on your website. 
  • Add or Manage overlay banner ads on YouTube videos in any of your site’s posts, pages, and custom post types. 
  • Instantly Boost your Traffic & Site revenue every single day. 
  • Diversify your online income, sell more products, get affiliate commissions, and lots more 


VidAdz Plugin is a New Software that lets you DISPLAY YOUR ADS inside any Youtube Video in your WordPress Website, thereby increasing your website traffic.

VidAdz Review

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Our Most Valuable 15 Exclusive Bonuses Quick List

Graphic Assets

  • 3D Mascots Men (100)
  • 3D Mascots Women (100)
  • Marketing Graphics (700+)
  • Transparent Images (730+)
  • Web Graphic Collection (3,150)


  • 6 Figure Income
  • How to Create a Website
  • Make Money as an Affiliate
  • How to Make Money Blogging
  • Video Production Guide


  • 1M Yotube Subscribers
  • How to Make Money on Youtube
  • How to Market on Youtube
  • Traffic Strategies on Youtube
  • Video Creation & Monetization

Graphic Asset Bonuses


3D Mascot Characters, Men (100)

This collection include Mascot Creator plus Mascot Templates. Need a 3D Cartoon Character Mascot for your promotion, brand or company? Advertising characters and mascots can be an important element of a marketing campaign. Selection of an optimal advertising mascot is the first step towards success. These are Male 3D Characters with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution imates with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels. More than 100 images.



3D Mascot Characters, Women (100)

Character design and animation has a long-established tradition in entertainment, advertising and promotion industry as characters strongly attract the attention and affection of viewers of all ages. Today, you can take your business promotion to the next level using mascot character. Make your brand more engaging more exciting and engaging with these 220+ Mascot Templates Plus Creator. Brand mascots are a special breed of identity device.


Sales & Marketing Graphics (700+)

All great looking video marketing content, websites and sales letters use professional sales graphics. If you’re paying too much for graphic designers and stock photos, then this collection is exactly what you need! Breath LIFE into your dull sales video pages and websites with over 700 sales letter graphics, stock photos and templates. You can use these graphics on your websites, sales pages, auction pages, within your headers, ebook and software box covers, anywhere you like!


Transparent Background Images (730+)

An amazing collection of images with transparent background in PNG format are great for any project as they can be integrated in any project regardless of the background color. Cutting out images with backgrounds is time consuming and often results in jagged edges from pixel damage or poor anti-aliasing. So these images with transparent background will save you tons of time.


Web Graphic Collection (3,150)

Web Graphics helps designers to enhance the website design by adding colors, visual appeals and helps in providing artistic professional touch to their creativity. The websites that don’t have web graphics don’t appeal to visitors. Successes of web graphics depend upon the effective and efficient placement on the websites. The appropriate placement of graphics not only attracts end-users but also makes website well turned-out.

eBook Bonuses


6 Figure Income Formula, Quick Guide

Every entrepreneur has the power to make an absolute killing on the Internet. Yes, this includes you. Whether you’re an existing marketer in search of serious passive income, a part-time dabbler who just can’t get consistent sales with your existing funnel or maybe a newbie with no experience but has intense desire to succeed in making money online, just as others have, then the potential is real and highly-achievable.


How to Create a Website in Less than 24 Hours

Follow the 7 easy and simple steps in this guide to have your small business website up and running in no time. Nowadays, you don’t need to have technical skills or programming knowledge to be able to create a website. The internet is here to stay and internet is composed of websites. So it’s now high time to learn new skills like building a website. It may take learning curve at first. However, when you get the hang of it, you can setup a website in just few hours. This guide will be a great help.


How to Make Money as An Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing has always been one of the most popular methods of making money online. It is simply promoting other people’s products. For anyone who is just starting out, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income. Many do it professionally and make a full-time living as an affiliate. Other’s make it as a part time career. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money on the side, or even replace your main income. There are thousands of affiliate programs online. You can be an affiliate for literally millions of products.


How to Make Money Blogging (Beginners Guide)

“Discover The Steps To Blogging From Start Up To Making Money With your Blog, Starting Today! Blogging Is the #1 Marketing Tool That Literally Anyone Can Use to Earn an Income Online. Creating a blog these days is as simple, easy and fast as setting up a social media profile. Anyone can start a blog, either self-hosted or using a webhost. There are blogging platforms that allow you to have your segregated section, complete with your profile and exclusive posts. A Successful Blog Generates Revenue.


Video Production Guide & Resources

This eBook Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources when It comes to Insider Tips on launching ‘Profit-Getting’ Video Products! “This Book Will show you exactly what you need to do to get In the Video production Game!” What you will learn in this eBook: Video Creation & Production Basics, Choosing Your Target Market And Subject, Visualize Your Complete Product, Writing Your Script and Obtaining Graphics, How to Choose and Learn Your Editing Software, Recording Audio How To’s, Resources & Tools, And so much more!

Video Series Trainings

1 Million Youtube Subscribers

One Million YouTube Subscribers Video Series Pack … is a PLR. There are 6 video parts in this pack! What’s included in the Video Package:  Intro,  Unorthodox methods of getting subscribers, Getting to one million subscribers, How to get your first 100 subscribers, How to get 100,000, subscribers, How to get 1,000 subscribers

How to Make Money on Youtube

There’s a misconception out there that in order to make money on YouTube, you have to have millions of views on your videos or millions of YouTube subscribers. Nothing could be further from the truth as there are many ways to make money on YouTube and Affiliate Marketing is one of them. There are 9 Video Parts in this Pack which include the following: Intro; Why YouTube, Affiliate At Work, Working With Amazon, Promoting Physical Products, Promoting Digital, Disclosure, Build List & Get More Clicks & Sales!

How to Market on Youtube Video Series

The Most easy & simple method to market your product on Youtube to boost your sales & profits For 300%!  This eBook will save your time attending video making workshop or business seminar, you can learn everything you need to know about internet business and video marketing through my course. Also, you will learn how to upload your very own video without actually making one! Save time and focus more on other productive matter (such as making profits!).

TRAFFIC Strategies on Youtube

Traffic Strategies For Your YouTube Channel Video Series Pack is a Private Label Right material. From this pack, you will learn several tips on how to generate traffic and get more views on your YouTube videos! There are 7 video parts in this pack : #1 Intro, #2 SEO, #3 Social Media, #4 Reddit, #5 Collaboration, #6 Commenting

Video Creation & Monetization

Video monetization is the process of generating income through the videos you share online on any platform. This is usually achieved through advertising, subscriptions, or direct transactions. Nowadays, there are tons of creative ways on how to monetize your videos you create. This video series has more details.


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