Registering Domain & Hosting

For Websites, Blogs & Online Stores

Takes 1-2 Minutes

How to Register Domain & Hosting for your Websites, Blogs or Online Stores, The Easy way? 

What are Domain Name & Hosting?

To run a self-hosted website, blog and online store, there are 2 basic items that you need: The Domain Name and Hosting.

1. DOMAIN NAME  is your name or address on the internet of either your Website, Blog, or Online Store. e.g. “”. It is unique to your website. Cost: Free with Greengeeks when you register your Hosting account with them.

2. HOSTING – Web Hosting hosts your website files and connects your website to the internet making it viewable on the internet to the whole world. Cost: Promo Start from $2.95/mo (if paid trienially & valid for the initial term). Otherwise, $3.95/month (if paid annually, valid for the initial term).

How to REGISTER Domain Name & Hosting?

Takes 1-2 Minutes to Register

When you register Hosting With Greengeeks, you will get a Domain Name Free (Value: $12/Year). To start registering, follow the simple steps below:


Go to the Greengeeks Main Page and click the “Get Started” button on the page. Why Greengeeks?  Here’s our Side-by-side Comparison Review with other Top Providers.

Greengeeks Website Hosting Plans Cheapest

You can choose the lowest plan (LITE Plan). You can upgrade later using the same account when you need to build another website.


On the next screen, you can register a new domain name or use an existing one. Once you make your selections, click the “continue” button on the bottom right. NOTE: When registering a new domain, try to use variations if the one you want is unavailable. Abbreviations or synonyms of words may be helpful.

Greengeeks Hosting Account


On the next screen, fill out your account information. While you can register as a business, it’s not necessary to start your hosting account.


Select your hosting plan package. This is done in monthly increments, however it saves you money by registering your site for an extended period.

STEP 5: Enter Payment Information

Enter your payment information. You can use any Visa, Masetercard, Discover or American Express account to pay for hosting.

STEP 6: Create Account

Click the “Create Account & Get Started” button on the bottom.

STEP 7: Add SSL (Web Security) & Get Started

INSTALLING  “LET’S ENCRYPT SSL” (Takes only Seconds to a MINUTE)

This will only take seconds to a minute to install within your Greengeeks Hosting Account Dashboard.

Any websites without the SSL certificate will remain “http” or INSECURE while those with encryption will show “https” or SECURE in users’ browsers. Chrome, Firefox and other browsers have began issuing warnings that non-https sites are insecure.

SSL Green Padlock

The SSL certificate is a vital part of building a successful website. This is because it not only offers protection to visitors, but search engines like Google also put more emphasis on sites beginning with “https://”.

Adding an SSL certificate is easy with GreenGeeks. We have assumed you already have a Hosting Account with Greengeeks. If you don’t have yet, here’s how to Register your Domain & Hosting with this Green Hosting Provider.


Login Using the Email & Password you entered when you signed up with Greengeeks.

Greengeeks Account Login


From the GreenGeeks screen, click the “Security” section on the left of your screen.


Click “SSL Certificates” from the drop-down list.


Click the “Add SSL Certificate” button on the top of the page. You can also refresh the list of SSL certificates to see if you already have it installed.


Click into the “Select a service” field and select your account. It should be the primary domain you set up with GreenGeeks. Once you’ve chosen your account, click the “Continue” button.


Enter the domain you want to protect and click “Continue.” If you only have one domain on your account, it will be the only one in the list.


In this next screen, you have two options available. You can choose to install the AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate or Let’s Encrypt SSL. There are a few differences between the two that may interest you.

While Let’s Encrypt SSL is free, AlphaSSL has a yearly cost. For this tutorial, we’re installing Let’s Encrypt. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click, “Select Let’s Encrypt.


Verify that you selected the correct domain for the certificate as well as making sure Let’s Encrypt is the SSL Provider.

Click, “Confirm and Create” to finish the installation.



On the next page, click the “Install SSL Certificate” button for the GreenGeeks auto-installer to launch.


NOTE: At Step 5, you may receive a message stating: “Error 37: Error Validating DNS Challenge. Please try again in 30 minutes. If this error still persists after two hours please contact Support. [23685]”

This is a normal error that occurs when you first enable Let’s Encrypt on your domain. This is because Let’s Encrypt uses DNS-based authentication. It needs time to propagate, which can take 30-minutes or so.

Once the system recognizes your domain name, you’ll no longer have to wait for any subsequent changes to your account. So if you remove the SSL and decide to add it again at a later date, you may not see this error message.


When Let’s Encrypt validates the domain, you can proceed by clicking “Install SSL Certificate” to complete the installation. After a few moments, the auto-installer will finish adding Let’s Encrypt SSL to your GreenGeeks account.

 Congratulations! Your SSL Certificate has been Installed…

Congratulations, you have now successfully registered a Domain & Hosting. You may now be able to use if for either your Website, Blog or Online Store (can be in one).

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