How to Build an Email List?

Effective and Profitable Emails  List Building in  2021. How it Works

What is List Building in a Nutshell?

See what is List Building. 

How to Build an Email List?

Setting Up A List Building Campaign

Let’s show you how to set up a list building campaign that integrates with and automates your email marketing efforts. We will be using MailChimp from now on, so we will start on the MailChimp Dashboard Homepage.

  • Click on the “create campaign” button to get started.
  • Next, click on the “email” option.
  • Now click on the “automated” tab, then click on “welcome new subscribers”.
  • Enter a name for your new campaign into the “campaign name” field, click on the “select audience” drop-down menu button, select an audience, and then
  • Click on the “begin” button.

Now it is time to customize your campaign.

The recipients are already set up to join the audience you selected in the previous step, and the name of your business is set up by default as the sender’s name, so you can skip the “sends to” and “from” configurations.

  • So click on “edit subject”. Start by entering the subject of your email. This can be a welcome message to your mailing list.
  • Next, enter a “preview text”. This can be a message telling the subscriber to open the email so they can download your incentive.
  • Click on “save” to continue.

Customizing the Automated Email.

Alright, now it is time to customize the automated email.

  • Click on “edit design” to get started. What you’ll do next is simply to replace the stock email elements with your own email content.
  • Start by clicking on the “logo” block. Now click on the “replace” link in the “content” section,
  • Select the image you’ll use as the email logo, and then
  • Click on “insert”.

Now click on the email body block below the logo.

  • Move to the “content” section on the right and replace the stock email text with your own email copy. Here you are simply going to compose a welcome message and a call to action instructing the subscriber to click on the download button to get their incentive. Don’t worry about the stock variables in the body headline, as they are used to personalize the email by pulling the name of the subscriber.
  • Click on “save and close”, then drag a “button” block below the email body block. Now move to the “content” section. Start by customizing the “button text”.
  • Now you are going to add your email incentive to the email.
  • For this, click on the “link to” drop down menu button.
  • Select “file”, and then click on the “upload” button in the new window.
  • Locate the email incentive that you created following the steps in the previous lesson, and double-click on it to upload it.
  • Once uploaded to the library, select it, and click on “insert”. Awesome!
  • Now that the email is ready, click on “save and continue”.

The email campaign is fully set up at this point, so simply click on “start sending”, then on “start now” to launch the campaign!




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